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I will view your property, measure, photograph, and analyze all existing features, review your design requests, and prepare a series of 3D rendering options for you to consider. With your feedback and preliminary selections I will further develop the conception until you are completely satisfied with your project design. Your 3D Rendering Package will be presented in PDF format to allow you to have the project estimated by a contractor.

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Once you are satisfied with the direction of your project, I will prepare the construction plans, aka blueprints, ready for engineering and application for the building permit. I will communicate with all necessary agents including the Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Soil Engineer, your Planning & Zoning Committee, HOA and your Contractor. During this phase I can also assist with budget analysis, time management and any other construction consulation needs.


Whether it is the final selection phase of a major new construction project, or simply one room in your home that needs some special attention, I can help you create a space that works perfectly for you. 


Levels of Service:

A) I can review your selections and help you be confident that you are making the best possible choices for your design and budget.

B) I can accompany you to the vendors/suppliers and walk thru the selection process at any or all phases of the project.

C) "Pick 3" - I will bring you three options for each phase of selections. This is a popular format that allows my clients to have the final say in all finishes but keeps them from getting overwhelmed with too many options and not enough time.

D) I can make all the final selections for you and simply present them at each phase for your approval.



      My name is Renee Clary and I am a Certified General Contractor. I was born into a construction-minded family and I have literally spent my entire life in some aspect of the building industry. I spent 9 years working in and managing East Coast Lumber Truss Plant. Through that experience I reviewed over 10,000 home plans looking specifically for omissions and oversights in the design and engineering phase. From the manufacturing industry, I traversed into the residential construction business with my family. For the next 20 years I would spend my time envisioning and designing unique structures for our residential clients.

     Since 2016, I have been working independently, and though I am a licensed general contractor, I work solely on design and consultation now. In my 25 years of designing, I have worked to create homes from start to finish with full 3D conceptual drawings, construction blueprints, pool & hardscape designs, overall site layouts and finish selections. I work for clients who are directly at my side, for those in other states, in other countries, and even some I never actually met face to face! I can work at the same table together using red pen on paper to brainstorm your future home design, or we can work wholly on a virtual platform trading pictures, ideas, concepts and video walk through presentations until we achieve exactly what you and your family need.

      I pride myself in two aspects of design. The first is getting to know my clients and their family. I truly believe that the creation of a family home is one of the most personal services provided by a “complete stranger”. I earn the trust of my clients so that they can be honest and transparent about the way they live in the privacy of their homes. When they open up about what and how and who they truly are, then I can design a space that is exactly what they need. My second area of expertise is space management. I believe you should get the “biggest bang” from every square foot of your home and your dollar. That means every corner of every room has a purpose. With a well-designed home, form and function go hand in hand.

     My design work on each project is unique to the family I am designing for. No matter if the project is a simple bathroom remodel, your dream kitchen or a four-level ocean front pool home, my motto remains:

      “Every home should tell a story about the people who live in it.”
I look forward to helping you create the best possible home for your family.







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  • New Construction

  • Additions

  • Remodels

  • Interior Design

  • Historic Restoration

  • Kitchens & Baths


  • Architectural Renderings

  • Budget Analysis

  • Construction Blueprints

  • Planning & Zoning Approval

  • Construction Management

  • Permit Packages @ City, County & State Levels



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